Saturday, 24 June 2017

Room 15 Super Stars!

Well done girls for your achievements receiving the recent Middle School Assembly Awards. You are both very worthy recipients who display diligent work ethics in Room 15. Keep up the super effort!

Feeling Proud

Andrew displayed great perseverance and determination during Art's Week to complete his own projects and help others. We were very proud of his dedication and caring nature to complete his own work to a high standard and then be so willing to help others.

Autumn Fun

We went on an  Autumn scavenger hunt with our buddy class to find as much Autumn evidence around the school as we could. We each had a checklist to tick off as we found things. We struggled to find an acorn but a couple of groups managed to find this near the end. We enjoyed spending time outside with our buddy class exploring nature.

We found a variety of leaves from deciduous trees and noticed many different colours on the leaves as we explored them.

We enjoyed racing against our class members to see who could find clues to the Autumn hunt the fastest.

Mother's Day Writing

Super work Danya for receiving a Principals Award. Keep up the hard work!

Room 15 wrote Mum Is... letters to each Mum for Mother's Day. Each individual wrote some beautiful messages to their Mums to remind them how special they are each and every day. Here are a couple of examples of our work.

Congratulations Antony on your Principal's Award

Antony, your were so proud of your Principal Award at Assembly and it was lovely to see your brother so proud of you too! Keep up the super effort.